Adult Immunizations


What Are Adult Immunizations?

Immunizations are an essential part of keeping you and the public free from infectious diseases. Generally administered via a vaccine, immunizations work by making you resistant or immune to certain illnesses. This proven tool is responsible for averting an estimated 2-3 million deaths each year. Being one of the most cost-effective and easily accessible health benefits, immunizations are an excellent way to ensure both your health and the health of others. At WPC Aesthetics & Wellness, we are proud to provide the Waco, Texas community with just about every in-office adult immunization available.

Why Are Adult Immunizations Important?

Since the standardization of immunizations, the appearance of many otherwise devastating diseases has seen a dramatic decline. Reported cases of measles, for example, have shown an 84% decline in occurrence since the year 2000. Similarly, polio cases have declined 99% since 1988 according to the World Health Organization. These impressive results are due to the ready availability of immunizations at most major clinics. Based on the proven benefits of adult immunizations, the doctor readily recommends and provides a range of in-office vaccines for your health and convenience.

What Vaccinations Are Offered?

At WPC Aesthetics & Wellness, we’re happy to provide our adult patients with most standard immunizations, with the exception of shingles vaccines. Some of the most widely requested vaccines at our clinic include influenza and pneumonia injections. These vaccines are especially important for sustaining one’s health during cold and flu seasons. Patients over the age of 60 are particularly vulnerable to illness, so such immunizations are strongly recommended for this population. These vaccines are delivered quickly and with care so as to make them tolerable even to patients who are uncomfortable with needles. To keep yourself healthy, be mindful of upcoming flu and cold seasons and be sure to get immunized regularly.

Adult Immunizations in Waco, Texas

The vaccination shots offered at WPC Aesthetics & Wellness can ensure not only your health but the health of those around you as well. We invite you to visit our Waco center to discover all we can do for you and your well-being. 

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