Chronic Conditions


What Are Chronic Conditions?

Chronic conditions are ailments that are persistent or that have long-lasting effect on one’s health. Typically, conditions are said to be “chronic” when they last for more than three months. Common chronic conditions include cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few. Unfortunately, curing these conditions is not always possible, but management options do exist for some. Dr. Trippe and our medical staff have been providing primary care services to the Waco community for over 21 years. We have helped patients cope with and manage a range of different conditions and are here to support you as well.

Help With Chronic Conditions

At the WPC Aesthetics & Wellness center, we can provide comprehensive chronic disease management and support to those who need it. Our diagnostic testing services, hormone replacement, and ongoing health care advice can all provide you with answers to your questions and relief from chronic symptoms. In addition to support, we can prescribe medications and recommend specific lifestyle changes to help you better manage your condition.

Chronic Conditions We Address

  • Breast Cancer – Breast cancer management depends on the stage of the disease and the age of the patient. Typically, surgery may be necessary for complete cancer removal.
  • Colon Cancer – Treatment for this type of cancer involves surgery and chemotherapy. Early detection is essential to prevent complications.
  • Heart Disease – Certain lifestyle changes such as the incorporation of exercise and dietary adjustments can reduce the risk of complications.
  • High Blood Pressure – Exercise, weight loss, and dietary changes are the first means of managing this condition. Afterward, certain medications may be recommended.
  • High Cholesterol – Smoking cessation, exercise, and improved diet can typically manage high cholesterol.
  • Inflammation – Varying measures and medications may be recommended depending on the cause of inflammation.
  • Back Pain – Physical therapy, exercise, and certain medications may be used to alleviate back pain.
  • Sleep Apnea – Hormone replacement therapy, IV therapy, and weight loss can help manage this condition.
  • COPD – Smoking cessation and regular wellness visits are essential for ensuring longevity with this condition.
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