Permanent Hair Reduction


What Is Permanent Hair Reduction?

Having a lot of unwanted hair can make us feel really self-conscious. However, shaving with traditional razors and waxes can lead to awful skin irritation that can be difficult to deal with for most. Additionally, traditional shaving methods never lead to the results we often crave. At WPC Aesthetics & Wellness, we believe that having clean, hairless skin shouldn’t come as a compromise to personal comfort. That is why we are happy to provide the Waco, Texas community with our powerful ICON permanent hair reduction system. This effective laser is made to offer fast hair removal results and long-lasting smoothness.

How Does Permanent Hair Reduction Work?

When it comes to permanent hair reduction, the ICON laser is one of the best in class. This powerful device uses targeted laser energy to destroy hair follicles at their source without harming the surrounding skin. Designed to work with a range of skin and hair types, the laser can remove hair from almost anywhere on the body, including the arms, legs, chest, bikini line, and more. An added benefit of the ICON laser system is that in addition to removing hair, it also smoothes the skin as well as freeing it from abrasive scarring and acne spots.

Who Can Benefit From Treatments?

The level of unwanted body hair on one’s body is largely based on individual hormone levels. Androgen are hormones responsible for the density of body hair following puberty. Your androgen quantity level can make the appearance of hair thicker and more prominent. For those who also suffer from sensitive skin, the appearance of excessive body hair can be a real problem due to the potential for skin irritation. In these cases, having a permanent hair reduction solution that causes minimal abrasion and discomfort is especially important.

Hair Reduction Results

A typical unwanted hair removal session with the ICON laser lasts for an average of 20 minutes. However, sessions can take anywhere between 5-60 minutes depending on the area being addressed. A series of 3-6 treatments is generally recommended for optimal results. However, every patient is different and permanent hair reduction may be experienced either sooner or later depending on your skin type. Over time, you can expect to see a gradual decrease in the thickness and quantity of your hair. In addition, you may see a decrease in stubble, rashes, and ingrown hairs.

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