Sport Injuries


What Are Sport Injuries?

Sports injuries are tears, sprains, and swelling that can occur during exercise or while participating in a sport. Those most susceptible to these types of injuries are people who haven’t been regularly exercising, don’t warm up properly before activity, and play contact sports. Children are at particular risk for these types of injuries due to having weaker frames than adults. WPC Aesthetics & Wellness provides sports physicals that can help determine sports injury risk as well as treatments that can alleviate these types of issues once they occur.

What Are the Types of Sport Injuries?

Sport injuries can be varied and dependent on the specific activity one engages in. Typical injuries include sprains or overstretching, knee injuries, swollen muscles, and fractures. Fracture and dislocations can be particularly painful and may take the longest to heal. However, regardless of your injury, our medical team can help. Our center has been providing primary care to the Waco community for over 21 years and can get you back to health in no time.

Treatments for Sport Injuries

For minor injuries, rest, ice, compression, and elevation of the injured area may be the easiest and most cost-effective treatment methods. For particularly painful injuries, over-the-counter medication can be utilized. If your injury looks or feels severe, our expert team can provide you with relief through prescription medication and professional care. Contact us if you see visible lumps, hear popping or crunching, or are experiencing severe swelling. If you are experiencing dizziness, fever, or difficulty breathing, emergency attention may be required.

Results of Treatment

Typically, minor sprains and other similar injuries can be alleviated in a short amount of time. A couple of days of lighter or no exercise can give your body enough time to heal and recover. Worse injuries such as broken bones or severe muscle tears may require surgery and hospital care. In those cases, it may take weeks or months for your injury to heal. In order to prevent sports injuries from occurring, we recommend using proper techniques, exercising within your limits, and cooling down effectively.

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