Sports Physicals


What Are Sports Physicals?

Pre-participation physical examinations (PPEs), or simply sports physicals, are essential evaluations that help determine whether or not a child (or adult) is physically able to participate in a sport safely. Though often confused with wellness exams, sports physicals are different in that they focus on health history that may have a direct impact on a one’s ability to play a sport. While these evaluations typically cover much of what happens during an annual physical or exam, it’s still important to schedule a separate annual checkup. At WPC Aesthetics & Wellness, we are happy to provide both examinations at our Waco, Texas center.

Why Are Sports Physicals Important?

Sports physicals are largely required by athletic leagues and schools. They are important because they help raise awareness of underlying medical issues, such as hernias and uncontrolled asthma, that may interfere with one’s ability to participate in a sport. These physicals are also beneficial because they give you the opportunity to discuss your own or your child’s potential for injury during physical activities. When you come in for an examination, we can suggest tips and exercises to help keep you in shape while also minimizing the risk of future problems.

Who Can Benefit From a Sports Physical?

Most states require all student-athletes to complete a sports physical before participating in any school-sanctioned sport. Additionally, non-student athletes playing recreational sports as part of a club may also be required to pass a sports physical before they’re eligible. While adults are not typically required to have sports physicals before participating in a recreational sport, they are certainly recommended. These examinations can provide several benefits for both children and adults. When you come in for a visit, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your health care needs with Dr. Trippe as well as take advantage of our immunization and testing services.

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